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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Poe Trivia Contest Winners Announced

We asked. You answered! 

In January we tested your expertise on Edgar Allan Poe with a month-long trivia contest about the mysterious writer. Students responded with almost 100 entries! Now the results are in and the winning names have been drawn…

Bealeton -  the winner is Isaiah
John Marshall - the winning entry came from Courtney
Warrenton - Faith is the champ

Congratulations to our winners and to all who took the challenge online and in the libraries. 

Wondering how you did?  

Here are the answers. See if you got them all right!

Q:     Where was Poe born?
New York City; Boston, MA; Richmond, VA; Baltimore, MD.
A:     Boston, MA in 1909

Q:     Poe did all these jobs but one. Which is the fake? 
Soldier, Editor, Literary Critic, Printer
A:     Printer is false

Q:     Poe’s writing was a major influence on all of these genres but one. Which is false?
Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Romance
A:     Romance is false

Q:     Which of these famous Poe tales is about a murders’ feelings of guilt?
The Black Cat; Tell-Tale Heart; Casa Blanca; Moby Dick
A:    Tell-Tale Heart

Q:     Which football team is named after one of Poe’s stories?
Boston Bald Eagles; Baltimore Ravens; Washington Redskins; Virginia Cavaliers
A:     Baltimore Ravens

Q:     Which of the following is not a poem or story written by Poe?
The Gold Bug; Annabelle Lee; The Bells; Twelfth Night
A:     Twelfth Night

Q:     In “The Raven” what does the Raven say?
Nevermore; Chamber door; Evermore; Fore!
A:     Nevermore

Q:     Poe uses several literary devises to make his poetry sound more musical. 
“While I nodded, nearly napping…” is an example of which form?
Alliteration, Assonance, Meter, Onomatopoeia
A:     Alliteration (the use of a series of words starting with the same sound)

Q:     If you wanted to visit Poe’s grave, where would you go?
New York City; Los Angeles, CA; Richmond, VA; Baltimore, MD. 
A:     Poe is buried in Baltimore, Md. 
Every year on Jan. 19, Poe’s birthday, a mystery stranger leaves roses on the grave.

Q:     What was Poe best known for in his lifetime? 
Poetry; Literary Criticism; Acting; Politics
A:     Literary Criticism
While we now remember Poe for his literary work during his lifetime, he was better known during his lifetime for being a literary critic.

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